Tips to Consider While Keeping Our Home Airy Enough

It is in fact entirely in our hand to refrain our houses from allergens. Air that we inhale in homes does ever need to remain clean and refreshing. It keeps us healthy in full of energy. Let us go through some of the vital steps that can help us achieve so.

Allergens –Immediately spot them and drive them off the house

  1. Undergo checks if your house is drowning in mould and mildew. Mainly, it is kitchen, bathroom and other unreachable places that we spot them much at. It is moisture that badly forms them. Keeping such places well ventilated especially after use can mitigate this issue. Let wetness be simply dried out. Use exhaust fan, dehumidifier and expel if you see any object degenerated due to water.
  2. Keep washing and drying bathroom, kitchen, curtains, carpets and mats. Humidity prompts many allergens like dust mites to stay in and multiply.
  3. Vacuum the house, typically the places that we rarely visit. These places are the worst sources for allergens to approach. Use quality vacuum machines. Remove the dust from areas like windows, shelves, couches, stairs and places that are under the bed or up above somewhere at the ceiling. Ensure that deep cleaning would help much.
  4. Dirt mites, dust, pollen and other allergens are the frequent visitors to our society. Figure out the spots they are mostly attracted to and live in. One can use hardwood or laminated floors as a substitute to carpet or other objects that are mainly the dust snatching.
  5. Be very careful while using anti-fungal sprays or sorts of other chemicals that are used to remove allergens. They can trigger higher levels allergy to one. Regular cleanliness is a great way out to it.
  6. Keep cleaning and replacing natural plants or similar things placed in the house. Do not let the laundry, old books and furniture lie in and around the house. Such practices keep many allergens away.

Oxygenation – Keeping Allergies at the Bay

  1. Air exchange in the house is important. A closed house for a prolonged period of time can provoke allergens to grow. Use of heat recovery ventilator is highly advised. It keeps freshening an inner musty air with outer fresh air.
  2. On top of preventing the allergens from growing up, an inner air ventilation does also keep the house fresh enough. It purifies air and produces new invigorating air within.

Detoxing The House, But with Care –

  1. Make sure you only apply all your house cleaning agents that are light in scents and chemicals. If possible, make your own home detergents in order to avoid kinds of chemical allergies.
  2. Sooth out fragrances you may be using from hard-smelling deodorants, perfumes, shampoos etc.
  3. Keep cleaning, varnishing and painting old wooden furniture to stop emission of noxious gases. Installation of some objects should be made sure that they are toxic-free.
  4. Avoid smoking in house. Ensure replacing chemicals and some objects with natural resources. It may include replacing pest control chemicals with organic baits or traps and installing heating sources that are not harmful to our breathing system such as smoke-producing wooden fireplaces.

A well ventilated, well lit and well cleaned house is no more going to shelter the allergens – keeping you and your family entirely an allergy-free and out of relevant disorders!

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  • Denise Orders

    According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Indoor Air Pollution is ranked amongst the top 5 health risks in North America.

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