Peanut Allergy Overview, Diagnosis and Treatment

It’s common to have an allergic reaction to the food we eat usually. Many people suffer from several types of food sensitivities or food intolerance. It’s our immune system that reacts to specific foodstuffs and lead to sort of food responses. Provided is an information about peanut allergy along with its symptoms, causes and possible […]

Allergic Rhinitis: Overview, Causes, Diagnoses and Treatments

Allergic rhinitis should be well identified from some non-allergic causes including rhinitis medicamentosa, vasomotor rhinitis and other communicable causes. Doing so will seem bit difficult, but not impossible. The time when one gets symptoms can be much identical of what they actually suffer from (to see if it’s seasonal or perennial). E.g. The symptoms of […]

Identify the Reasons to See An Allergist

Anyone with allergies and asthma should be able to feel good, be active all day and sleep well at night. You don’t need to accept less. An allergist can help you find relief. An allergist is a doctor who is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases and conditions such as: Asthma […]

4 Specific Food Allergic Conditions

A number of specific clinical syndromes may occur as a result of FA and their definitions are as follows: 1. Food-induced anaphylaxis is an IgE-mediated, rapid-onset, potentially life-threatening systemic reaction, in which an affected individual may experience cardiovascular shock and/or serious respiratory compromise due to airway obstruction or bronchoconstriction. 2. Gastrointestinal food allergies include a […]

Asthma Care Guide: Is Asthma Inherited?

Asthma prevalence is everywhere. Causes of it may vary person to person depending on various reasons. The survey by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that approximately 18.7 million adults and 6.8 million children are suffering from asthma in USA only. Asthma triggers limitations to one’s daily activity as well as in school or […]

Seeing an Allergist: To lead our life without allergy AND asthma

To stay allergy-free, it’s ever important that we know what allergy we actually suffer from. It simply enables us to seek for the most suitable treatment options. To what extent our allergy symptoms have reached and how they can further harm our health is necessary to judge. Here comes the role of allergists. The allergists, […]

Allergy, Immunotherapy and An Allergy-Free Life

Allergy is a common threat worldwide! It is a chronic condition ever felt by people of all ages throughout any span of life. Allergy would require one to go for specific treatment and management care. Reviewing Allergies Allergy symptoms range from simple to life-threatening issues creating allergy reactions in our immune system. Allergen exposure which […]