Asthma Clinic USA: “Unveiling 9 Folk Tales About Seasonal Allergies”


It is ever thought to be of great caution that one remains quite well educated about allergies. The right information about it is indeed a key to having an allergy-free life!

Asthma – one of the Leading Allergy Asthma Sinusitis Medical Clinics in United States brings you several myths and facts about seasonal allergies. Many of us have wrong beliefs about allergy.

Let’s look at some of them:

1. Climate changes cure allergies

In fact, it’s not! If you ever bother about your specific climate allergies, it is never going to be ideal to move a place. Indeed, it would often alleviate some of your signs but not for longer. As you return to your regular environment, the allergies will likely resume.

2. Beware of flowers

Factually, the flowers are rarely to have allergic reactions to cause. It is rather the pollens from plants, trees, grasses that would actually create such allergy.

3. Beaches are pollen-free

Of course, they could be, but not completely! Ragweed pollens are the ones that are drastically found on the grass on or near the beaches. One may go exposed to them even during a walk or going around.

4. Honey, a relief

Often is a wrong belief. Enjoy eating honey, but when it comes as an allergy remedy – the honey you consume may not contain the pollens that the allergy is usually brought on.

5. Allergies are outgrown

One of the biggest allergy myths. As parents, if your think your child will leave behind their particular allergy, then you may be wrong. The ratio of such situation being vice versa may likely go apart with little of improvement at later stage.

6. Monsoon, a season greatly off pollens

One must know that the amounts of pollens would get dramatically fluctuated as per temperature varies. The impacts of pollens would usually change during a day depending upon an atmospheric moisture. Pollen counts are lower especially during the wet and extremely cold days. The pollens will typically go worst when the climate is bare and rather hot.

7. In-house molds, only the allergens

Well, it’s not the only! Outdoor mold allergens can also be found on soil, deteriorated leaves or decomposing wood. The mold allergy is usually more in action during summer. As, the mold that grows during the winter will largely develop in spring.

8. Hay fever derived from hay

Hay fever is not at all a fever that comes from hay. The reasons behind hay fever is mainly the pollens and mold spores.

9. Frequent injections, ultimate care for allergens

Actually, there are the allergy shots (immunotherapy) that can be closely an effective remedy for various allergens. The injections can work specifically to some of the allergens reducing the reactions; otherwise a well-planned allergy treatment management is what one would ought to seek.

Asthma Aims….

Dr. Divyang Trivedi, MD (Allergist) at Asthma wants everybody to stay fit and free of allergies! Asthma Clinic offers the most suitable treatments for various types of allergies as well as for asthma and sinusitis.

Be Educated and Educate Others About Allergy Facts! Stay Well!!!

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