Asthma Care Guide: Is Asthma Inherited?

Asthma prevalence is everywhere. Causes of it may vary person to person depending on various reasons. The survey by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that approximately 18.7 million adults and 6.8 million children are suffering from asthma in USA only. Asthma triggers limitations to one’s daily activity as well as in school or work hours making them to seek regular medications, doctor visits, hospitalizations etc. It clearly leads to additional expenses.

Who gets asthma?

Asthma and allergies are strongly correlated. A person with allergy is more prone to develop asthma but the one with asthma may not develop allergy. It can occur at any age. The children with asthma as they move towards adulthood may decrease their asthmatic triggers. Whereas, an adult who has no child history of asthma may also have it occurred at any stage of life.

There are different causes for Asthma including outdoor and indoor pollutants such as chemicals, environmental pollution, moulds, smokes etc. It depends upon what actually we breathe, either a cold and dirty or a dry and fresh air.

Is it hereditary?

Well, it’s YES. Asthma can be inherited from parents to their kids. If either of your parents has asthma, the children will have higher probabilities of getting it.
It also depends upon an exposure that one ultimately raises up with possible pollutants and allergen environmentals.

Preventive steps for Asthma

As we know prevention is always better than cure, asthma is a disease that also requires one to be highly careful about its causes. Smoking is its main reason. Avoid it and help your child to quit it if they do. It is also an indirect source to affect a non-smoker. Pregnant women have to take additional safety measures for it.

There have always been strong efforts from science and official authorities to control asthma. Government provides a systematic promotion of asthma awareness programmes. Solutions are being invented to find out even much about several hidden causes of asthma and its appropriate treatment options.


Well, it’s all about awareness!

The more we know about allergy and asthma, the farther we can keep them away from ourselves and can live a healthier life.

The types of allergies and asthma can be well managed. Seeking for a timely asthma care is wisdom indeed.

If you have any question or query concerning asthma or allergy or their treatments, feel free to contact us!

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